A Girl’s Day

It was so much fun trying on the dresses and then looking in the mirror.  This is something I can do all day.  It was nice to see the expressions on the other girls’ faces.  Everyone got the dress they wanted and put it to work.  It was such a coincidence we received the dresses at this time because homecoming and prom are right around the corner.  We are all beautiful young ladies and this was a step to building our self-esteem; looking in the mirror, hearing the compliments from other girls, and taking something valuable home.  It was a girl’s day and a special moment.

We took a picture and we all looked like magnficent divas.  Trust me; I appreciate this more than words can explain.  The day I put on that dress, some accessories, and heels – I will make it a happy ending.  Oh yes, I felt like a princess.