Blind Side Speakers Impress Girls

Thanks to the generosity of David Slosburg, Girls Inc. teens were invited to attend the 2010 Humanitarian Dinner for Inclusive Communities.  The dinner served as recognition for community members receiving Humanitarian Awards and featured guest speakers Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy (subjects of best-selling book and major motion picture, The Blind Side).

I truly enjoyed this dinner.  I am glad people like Dick and Sharon Davis [Humanitarian Award winners] make Omaha a better place. – Ifeoma

I learned that with every moment of your life you can do something to change another person’s life – no matter if you donate money or just your time.  Everyone can make a difference.  I also learned that giving from your heart is the best giving of all. – Zhomante

Who would have thought kicking it with Girls Inc. could be inspirational and fun at the same time!?  The dinner was nice and I learned so much in one night.  Leigh Anne and Sean Touhy were great.  I felt so close to them when they were done speaking.  Who knew just “turning around” could change life dramatically? – Cierra

I was amazed by the feeling I got when Ms. Leigh Anne (Tuohy) spoke.  It was like she was speaking directly to me.  She opened my eyes to see how much of a difference I can make in someone else’s life by just helping them out.  She is a great speaker and the dinner was delicious. – Denai

It was remarkable how much you can be impacted in less than four hours.  The food and speakers were truly a treat.  What a great experience. – Dana