$$ for grades – good incentive or inappropriate bribe? Girls weigh in.

From girls who received checks:

“A bribe???!!! Excuse me?!!  No, seriously, I can see how some people might think that but to me, it just shows that someone appreciates what I am doing.  If I work hard, someone notices.  I plan on saving my money.” – Zhamontee

“I like getting money but I agree you shouldn’t get bribed to do something you are supposed to do anyway, like get good grades.” – Ebony

“It is easy money, like getting paid for going to school, but it’s not a bribe.  It shows you that if you work hard, you will get rewarded.  If you do what you are supposed to do, you might end up with some extra money in your pocket.  I might buy somes shoes since you [Girls Inc.] already save some of it for me.” – D’Ashanique

From a girl who didn’t receive a check:

“Don’t put my name down because I don’t want someone to think I am stupid if I didn’t get a check.  If it is a bribe, it might just work because I am thinking ‘How can I get in on that?  Like maybe I could bring my grades up.  I don’t know.  And anyway, do you think people would go to work if they didn’t get a paycheck.  I mean even if they like their job or think they are doing a good job they like to get money because who doesn’t?  For real, Ms. Roberta, don’t tell me you don’t like your paycheck.  You know you love that paycheck.  Payday is a good day, right?” – anonymous