Girls Inc. of Omaha sets the robot in motion…

We had some serious issues.  We forgot to bring the cable for the laptop.  We knew that was bad and we were just real quiet.  Ms. Emily waited for us to say something and we were waiting for her to say something.  She didn’t get mad.  She was just like, “What do you want to do ladies?  It’s your choice.  Do you want to drop out?  Or do you want to make a plan?”  We went away from Ms. Emily to think about what our choice would be and we decided to choose to make a plan.  We made a plan to go around and ask the other teams if anyone had a cable like the kind we needed.  There was one Boys & Girls Club team that did and they let us use it so that was the plan.  No way were we going to drop out after all of the hard work! Uh, excuse me…no!

Some of our missions got accidentally erased from our hard drive in the second round.  We had to re-do our truck mission to get more points. 

Next year we will get even more missions.  I am still learning a lot about programming.  We all are.  I can’t wait to do the next project. – Unek