Ms. Mara Explains It All to You

As part of our celebration of Hispanic Awareness Month, we made Ecuadorian bread sculptures today.  It takes bread, without the crusts, and lots and lots of glue.  It’s very messy.  The girls kept holding up their sticky hands and saying, Ms. Mara, I want to give you a hug!

Last week we did lessons on Mexican pottery and string art.  That was cool because the girls know I am Mexican and it helped them to get to know me a little bit better.  But today, we all learned about something new.  Half of the girls didn’t know where Ecuador is.  I showed them a map of Ecuador and I had a book about Ecuador to share with them.  So it was exciting to celebrate this new thing together and this unique art form. 

We had volunteers in the classroom from ConAgra Foods today.  One gentleman got into quite a conversation about the finer points of bread sculpture with one of our members.  Another one of the volunteers asked, “Where did this art form come from again?”  I was so excited when Amaya yelled out, “Ecuador!” – Ms. Mara