Ms. Stephanie & Her Mentee, Amya



My mentee is Amya, a very sweet 10-year-old girl. I would have to say what makes our relationship so easy is the fact that Amya attends Girls Inc. so we are able to see each other daily.  Also, it helps that Amya and I live 10 minutes apart from one another, which allows us to get together more often.  Another thing that enables us to have a close relationship is that Amya has a cell phone so we communicate daily and set up plans with one another via text or with a phone call. Amya has a younger sister, Asia which can be a tricky situation but whenever her sister has accompanied us it has always been Amya’s choice.  I make it a point to spend time with Amya as much as I can and when the time and situation allows her little sister Asia comes with us.
Amya and I have gone to the movies.  We went to Transformers 3, which was her choice
J.  We’ve gone  to a relative’s birthday party; we’ve gone shopping at the Westroads or Oak View Mall.  We’ve played Bocci Ball; gone to church together; gone to my mom’s house to hang out; listened to music; and had a water gun fight. We’ve gone out to eat at Red Robins, Burger King, Jimmy Johns, etc… One of the places we like to go is Sonics because we can sit in the car and just chat. 

One thing I like about Amya is that even though at times she is an old soul she can still be a kid and play with younger children and let herself have fun.  She is an awesome big sister – always looking out for her little sister Asia.  We don’t have to be doing anything just hanging out and that is just fine with her.  Amya just enjoys spending time with me even if that means sitting outside together talking, or watching her shows on Disney Channel like So Random, Good Luck Charlie, My Babysitter’s a Vampire or Shake it Up!   

Amya is a such a sweet, thoughtful, loving, kind, funny, caring, young lady and I am blessed to have her as my mentee.
I am so glad that I became a Pathfinders Mentor – it has added such wonderful experiences and memories to my life.  – Stephanie Lewis
                                                                                                                                                                            Girls Inc. staff member and Pathfinders Mentor