MVP Acceptance Speech

Dear Ms. Roberta,

When I heard I had won the “MVP” (Most Valuable Parent) Award, I was surprised and honored.  I wanted to write a thank you response down so that the Girls Inc. staff would know of all of the thanksgiving I have for them, so that nothing goes unmentioned.

My girls have been through a lot in their 10 and 13 years of age due to being placed in foster care because of my former drug use.  In the system they were referred to, and known as, a last name on their docket and a number.  At Girls Inc., they received an identity.  They are: Chanecia Martin, age 13, who is very girly, loves all the latest fashions, enjoys singing,has a mind for Lego League, and is now certified in CPR and babysitting.  Chalecia Trotter, age 10, who loves basketball and is good at playing it, who participates in Operation SMART, and who is learning to make and be a friend to girls in her age group.

Have my girls been in trouble at Girls Inc.?  Of course.  But all issues were addressed, and handled fairly and appropriately and we moved forward from there.

The staff at Girls Inc. are not afraid to address issues that a young girl, teen, or young lady may encounter, such as rumors of promiscuity, teen pregnancy, homework, trouble making, name calling, as well as job searching, essay writing for college scholarships…any issue that a female faces, Girls Inc. is there.

I want to say thank you Girls Inc. staff for the breakfast, lunch, Snackalisicous, talks of encouragement, field trips, lock-ins, parties, and all guidance giving to my daughters and all of the other girls you guys are helping and have helped – because the Girls Inc. building is just that – a building.  It is the staff that makes Girls Inc.

Thank you so much.


A Mom!
Barbara Robinson