“Restaurant Reviewers” at Spaghetti Works

My experience at Spaghetti Works was very good.  The hostess & waitress were nothing but kind and the food nothing but excellent.  The salad was a great opener for the Grilled Chicken Alfredo, which was definitely above par.  After dessert – I had an amazing chocolate chip cookie filled with hot fudge served with a side of ice cream – I felt I had to be rolled out the door.  The environment was fun and happy but had a good vintage feel to it.  Thank you Spaghetti Works for the lovely experience.  I give you 5 stars and a very happy customer. – Skylar

Going to this restaurant there was no surprise that the food there was delicious.  They gave us great service considering our large group.  It is definitely a family restaurant.  The restaurant was respectably clean.  We were greeted by a cheerful hostess.  We ordered our drinks and food in a quick minute.  The waitress was understanding when there was something missing.  Overall, I can honestly say it was convenient and had excellent service.  I will definitely be going back.  5 Stars – Kelsey

I’ve never been to Spaghetti works before so I did not know what to expect but it was outstanding.  They have a variety of different food but I ordered some lasagna and Sprite.  I was so hungry I devoured my food in five minutes.  The waitress was quick on her toes.  I had tasty brownies & ice cream for dessert.  My experience was wonderful and I would love to come back. – Kionna

As we walked in, I thought it has a nice view.  The waiter was magnificent.  They seated us quickly and that’s great.  We sat and looked at the menu.  All of the food sounded good but my taste buds were set on the ravioli.  I thought it was going to be confusing for the waitress but I guess she had it all under control and she brought our food with no problems.  When she gave me my food, it looked mighty delicious and when it was in my mouth it was even better than what it looked like.  I ate all of it with no problems and then it was time for dessert.  I had the brownie and fudge sundae.  It was marvelous!  I’ve been there before but I have to say that this was the best because everything was fast and my experience this time was great.  I think that I would come back. – Laquisha

One other time in my life I had been to a Spaghetti Works but that was back in the 8th grade so I didn’t really remember my experience.  When first arriving there we were welcomed by a waitress.  Walking through the restaurant on our way to our tables, the restaurant looked very clean.  After we sat down the waitress came over and asked for our drink orders.  She looked very excited to be at work.  The drinks came very quickly and as soon as we received them she asked for our order.  The food came quickly and was very fresh.  She gave us time to eat and also checked to see if we needed refills on our drinks.  Overall, I would give my experience a 5 star. – Sam

I had not been to Spaghetti works before but it was great.  The hostess greeted me with a nice smile on her face.  My order and drink came on time.  The waitress was wonderful.  I would say the service was decent and the food was awesome.  I would definitely go back. – Jazzmine

This was my first time going to Spaghetti Works.  The hostess was great and had a positive attitude.  I liked that my order was taken right away and it didn’t take long for our food to arrive.  The restaurant was very clean and the food was mouth watering.  I hope to go back soon!  – Zahara

I liked going to Spaghetti Works for the first time.  The food was excellent and I like how the hostess greeted us.  I ordered Chicken Alfredo with Chocolate Craving as dessert.  The Chicken Alfredo was amazing and the Chocolate Craving was delicious.  Our waitress was very polite.  I’d definitely refer a friend to Spaghetti Works or go again myself.  Rate: 5 ½  Stars     – anonymous