Sister 2 Sister

I love the Sister 2 Sister peer mentoring program at Girls Inc.  Teen and pre-teen girls volunteer to “mentor” our younger girls in programming, such as our GIRLStart Literacy classes, and also with to help them with life skills.  A teen will be paired with a younger girl in the cafeteria to talk to her about her day and to help her with cafeteria etiquette.  She might teach a younger girl how to use her utensils, how to use an ‘indoor’ voice, or encourage her to try new foods.  The teens also help prepare program supplies and then help the younger girls with their craft projects when the time comes to apply glue or use scissors – new skills for our kindergarten and pre-k girls.  Teens will be paired for read aloud with a younger Reading Buddy.  Sister 2 Sister was a program initiated by the teens themselves and is supported by the Fund for Omaha through the Omaha Community Foundation. – Tess Larson

PS:  In the photo below, Dae is helping get supplies together for a GIRLStart parent sharing night.  She’ll help the younger girls decorate their own purses after reading Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse.