Staff Training in the Education Kitchen

Training in the education kitchen.

Chef and restaurateur Craig Stenson helped provide training for our staff team in our new eudcation kitchen.

A grant from Childrens Hospital Foundation is helping us offer more healthy cooking and meal planning programming for our girls. A part of the grant includes training our staff team to be better health ambassadors in the kitchen.

Craig taught us:

  • Knife usage/sharpening/cleaning
  • Cutting of onions, garlic and more
  • Cooking macaroni and cheese
  • Cleaning up after yourself in the kitchen
  • Kitchen safety tips
  • Cooking ribs
  • Checking meat temps
  • Cooking eggs
  • Storing food tips
  • Bacon ideas, tips, and usage
  • Basic tips, instruments/tools

    Our guest chef, Craig, gives our in-house chef, Ms. Donna, some tips.