Summer Memories

During the summer I had such a great time with all the other girls at Girls Inc. We attended many field trips, and we enjoyed our time there. I got the opportunity to go to the Omaha Doorly Zoo, the ice skate arena, golfing, and the swimming lessons at Spring Lake pool. Out of all of them my most favorite trip was to the Spring Lake pool. Even though, going into the pool, I already knew how to swim I still learned a lot during the lessons. I even overcame my biggest fear of heights, by going off the high dive! I got to spend the whole morning in the pool, and nothing could have been better than that!

I loved going ice skating as a little girl, and going back to the ice arena really made me feel like a kid again. Even though I fell once or twice and I was freezing, I still had a great time! Even the younger girls, who were afraid of falling had fun. It was a fun experience for me and all the girls of Girls Inc.               

Every kid should go to the Omaha Doorly Zoo at least once in their childhood. And I am glad that the younger girls got to go. My favorite part of the trip was going into the jungle. We saw a bunch of animals one wouldn’t normally see every day. The aquarium was my next favorite part of the zoo. I love going to see the penguins, and the jellyfishes. – Gabbi