Reading, Writing, & Rapping

As part of the Black History Month celebrations, the girls in the GIRLStart literacy program read a book about Rosa Parks and wrote letters of gratitude to her bravery.  Symphany’s letter is below. 

The 9-12 year old girls chose famous African Americans to honor with rap songs.  Want to see some of the raps?  For Martin Luther King, Jr. –  click here:  For Bill Cosby, click here:  For Oprah, click here

When Harriet Met Sojourner

The girls did a variety of activities to celebrate Black History Month.  Here is one:

The GIRLStart girls read books, like When Harriet Met Sojourner.  This book tells of the meeting between the two women.  Although we know it occurred, we don’t know what the two women actually discussed as there were no witnesses to the meeting.  The girls imagined what such a discussion must have been like and then wrote about their imagined meeting.  Lauren wrote and illustrated what she thought might have happened between Harriet and Sojourner (which sounded like “Sir Journal” to her – good atempt at phonetically puzzling it out!). “Freedom for all!”