Community Anti-Violence Meeting

After attending a luncheon hosted by The Optimist Club of Omaha, Ciera Hollingsworth and Makayla Bell decided to tag along to the weekly Anti-Violence meeting hosted by the North Omaha Empowerment Network and Omaha 360.

“I loved seeing a lot of important people from all walks of life coming together to support Omaha.  It was very interesting and empowering.  I also enjoyed attending a ‘grown up’ meeting.  This is the real world.” – Ciera

“First, I want to say that all day long I’ve done things that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do without Girls Inc.  I liked the luncheon with The Optimist Club and I also really enjoyed the anti-violence meeting.  It was great to see the room full of people – not just one race, one gender, or one group, but pastors, senators, councilmen, police officers, and concerned citizens all working together for the common good.  They were all interested in helping North Omaha.  Well, all of Omaha actually.  It was inspiring.” – Makayla