¡Yadira, Girls Inc. está orgullosa de usted!

Girls Inc. member Yadira Cardenas applied for Cinco de Mayo Queen.  She didn’t win but she is proud of her effort (and so are we!).  Her letter the the committee is below:


            I would be a great Cinco de Mayo Queen because I have the motivation that is needed to achieve great things in our community. I am also committed to helping to improve our community. I understand that we, the young people, have the power to change the future and I am ready to begin.

          For years I have made it a point to take leadership roles. The first step I took in that direction was joining Girls Incorporated of Omaha. They believe in young women like me and help me to be strong, smart, and bold. With their help I have achieved great things like becoming a board member, traveling the United States, and meeting the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. I have also done leadership camps, drama camps, and participated in Corporate Camp. Corporate Camp is a camp where a group of 4 to 5 girls ages 13 to18 work together to create a small business. This camp teaches leadership, teamwork and a specific responsibility. I was in charge of the public relations part of it and even thought we did not win, we received 2nd place.

          From all of these opportunities provided by Girls Inc., I’ve learned how to be a team player, how to resolve conflicts that may arise with teammates, and how to be a leader. I also learned organizational skill, time management, and public speaking. At school, I show leadership qualities when participating in class projects or group presentations. 

          I believe that becoming the Cinco de Mayo Queen will take me in the right direction to better my future and those around me because I will have the opportunity to be a role model for others. I am proud to participate in an organization that helps keep our Mexican history alive—not just in the textbooks.

          I am grateful to be given the opportunity to be a part of such wonderful programs such as this. I will continue to strive for success and find ways to help out where I may be needed.  I hope to hear the great news from you soon.


Thank you,


Yadira Cardenas

Congratulations National Scholars!

Girls Inc. members Treasure Pascal, Makay Weliyo, and D’Anshanique Gregory are each recipients of a $2,500 Lucile Miller Wright Scholarship from Girls Inc. national.

The Scholars Program was created in 1992 when Lucile Miller Wright, a long-time supporter of Girls Incorporated, made a bequest from her estate to fund scholarships expressly for young women members.

Since 1993, Girls Inc. national has awarded over $2.58 million in scholarships to over 400 high school women. Multiple scholarships ($2,500 and $15,000) are awarded each year and may be applied to tuition and expenses at any accredited 2- or 4-year college or university.

The purpose of the Scholars Program is to make post-secondary education more accessible by offsetting the financial costs. The goal is to inspire members to succeed in school and to consider a broad range of career possibilities


“Girls Choice Day” in the GIRLStart Room

We had more girls than we normally do because Ms. Mara was out today but the girls did well and they were excited to change learning station and rotate to a new one each time.  Yesterday we added a writing station and the girls really enjoyed that.  We will keep their writing samples in a portfolio to measure their writing progress throughout the year.

Ms. Crystal

To see the busy GIRLStart room, follow this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Es9Z7rO_bPY