It took us a long time to give them our tickets and get in.  We took our shoes off right away and checked them.  The music was OK.  They didn’t have anything to eat though.  My dress…it was awesome.  There was not one other girl with the same dress.  Thank you for the dresses.


Cinderella at the Ball…

Homecoming was really fun.  They didn’t have good music.  I didn’t know the DJ but the music was like from 94.1 – real old music.  Not old people music but songs from long ago.  Still, it was fun.

Cierra’s aunt altered our dresses and made us flowers to match.  People were looking at us like we were twins.

I wore heels which I don’t normally do and I think I did pretty well.  I danced in them for about an hour.  Then I took them off!