Humanitarian Dinner – thank you David Slosburg!

“I appreciated the opportunity of being able to attend the annual Humanitarian dinner.  It was great listening to the motivational speakers and their ideas.  Marlee Matlin was one of my favorite speakers.  I love how she doesn’t let her disbaility get in the way of achieving her goals and adventures.  I thought it was an honor to be able to go to the dinner.  The food was great, the speakers were fantastic, and I would like to say thank you so much for letting Girls Inc. members experience something inspirational.” – Yadira

“When I left the Humanitarian dinner I felt special and strong.” – Leslie

“The food was extraordinary, the speakers were grand, and the videos were very informative.  Thank you also for showing us we can live in a world of peace and joy…” – Victoria

“One of your speakers was a deaf girl and she taught us how to say “courage plus dreams = success.” – Chanecia

“I am glad I was one of the chosen ones to attend this event.” – Brianna

“I liked Marlee Matlin and Henry Winkler’s speeches.  Also it was cool that the weather man gave us the forcast for the eventing.  Futhermore, I loved the food and the dessert.  The chicken ws fantastic!  There were fancy decorations on the table with all the proper utensils.  Most of all I really enjoyed the speakers and watching people receive medals.” – Nadeja