What was it like to introduce the First Lady, Rhaniece?

Yes, it seemed unreal to be up at the podium at the same time as the First Lady. Its a dream that I never thought would come true.  When I was able to hug her in front of the large audience it made me feel important, and encouraged me to continue on my path to success because performing well in school and staying active in my community is what helped allow me to be able to be on the stage with her.While I was on stage I realized that I became known as a positive role model not only at my prospective college, but also for the state of Nebraska. Just like the First Lady said, “We have to help develop our children to become the person that they want to be every day”. Living out this quote I will continue to be active in my community and encourage the young girls to follow their dreams and inspire them to be anything that they want. It was a dream come true and the BEST birthday present ever, and most of all a memory I will always cherish and a wish I can cross off my bucket list. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity! You have no clue how much that meant to me to have the privilege. Girls Inc is AMAZING, and through finals week I will continue to live out my mission of being STRONG, SMART, AND BOLD. –

Girls Inc. alum Rhaniece Choice