Madeline Visit

“In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines, lived 12 little girls in 2 straight lines…the smallest one was Madeline.”  She was also – by the way – the bravest!  The GIRLStart literacy girls have a Saturday field trip to the Omaha Public Library to hear the book and visit with Madeline.

The girs hear a read aloud (and they have a good ear for the rhyming words!) and then then visit with Madeline

Holding a real alligator? Awesome!

Girls attended a Wildlife Encounter program at the South Omaha Library where they were able to see and touch all manner of creatures.  Chloe actually held an alligator. 

“When I held the alligator, it was scary at first because a guy asked me to close my eyes and hold out my hands.  Then he brought it out and everybody screamed so I got nervous.  Then he put it in my hands and told me to open my eyes and it was an alligator.  I felt better after I saw his mouth taped shut and he didn’t move.  It was awesome!” – Chloe

You can watch Chloe hold a for-real-live-not-stuffed-even-if-his-mouth-was-taped-shut alligator if you click here:  The video has a little of that Blair Witch Project-y thing going on but it is so worth watching!  When Chloe shuts her eyes and then the other girls see that it is an alligator she will be holding and start screaming – it’s a moment!  Chloe puts the bold in “strong, smart, and bold!”

Grub Hunting

This activity at the Madagascar Adventure at the South Omaha Library used painted egg cartons to simulate logs.  The girls had to tap on the logs to see if they could hear the “grubs” inside.  Then using one finger, like the Aye Aye of Madagascar, they had to pull out a seed or bead that served as a faux-grub.

Asnina hunts grubs.

Fatuma tells you what the seed is pretending to be (she also confesses that she is tempted to cheat…):

Will Faumta cheat?


Fatuma”s “I Did It!” Dance

Fatuma participates in a variety of activities at the Zoo’s Madagascar Adventure at the South Omaha Library.  Here she is letting us know that she is proud of her accomplishments.  (We are so impressed that she can write her name so well now!  This is a new achievement for Fatuma.  We’re doing the “She Did It!” dance about that!) – Ms. Tess

Dance as promised…

A Book About Doves. And some tunes.

The girls toured the South O library.  They learned about all of the library resources and how to get help to access them.  After their tour, they had a read aloud and a related craft activity.  Each girl got to keep a set of colored pencils and a pencil sharpener.  Bonus!

The book they read was about doves.  What do you think of when you see a dove?  Check out this video to see the girls’ responses (spolier alert:  “Peace Out!” is the best response.  “An owl” is tied for second best, right up there with “A bird.”)

What do girls like to do while they work on their craft activity?  Justin Bieber fans, click here to find out: