Girls + Roller Derby = True Love!

It was really exciting how fast the girls were skating. – Ashleigh

It was exciting to see the girls push each other to prevent the other team from scoring. – Erin

It was a totally new experience for all of us.  The Omaha Rollergirls have a huge and very diverse fan base. There were so many people there and there were all kinds of people, too.  It was like a big party.  We all learned how points are scored by passing and how a defensive team tries to keep the other team from scoring.  The girls were really into it and loved cheering and chanting for the Omaha team. The Omaha Rollergirls sat right in the front row when the Girls Inc. step team performed and our girls really appreciated that.  The the team took the time to pose for a photo with us, too.  It was a really fun outing for all of us. – Ms. Fatema