Corporate Camp for Entrepreneurs

I am truly glad that I had an opportunity to go to New York and participate in the Corporate Camp for Entrepreneurs. By doing this I gained the valuable skills needed to become a young entrepreneur through the help of Girl’s Inc national staff and volunteers who are entrepreneurs and have experienced the business world. Women entrepreneurs came and spoke with us about their professions and how much effort and hard work they had to put into their careers.  Just being in New York was just a wonderful experience for me. I had a chance to experience the way New Yorkers live on a day to day basis which was a very exciting. 


Meeting with [Joyce Roche] the President and CEO of Girls Inc was very inspiring because she showed all of the qualities of being Strong, Smart, and Bold.


Corporate Camp is a very valuable program for our Girls Inc. girls who are able to be strong and bold in whatever they do in life and smart when it comes to making a decision for yourself that will benefit you later in life.