It’s Pink Week!

Ms. Mara reads Pinkalicious to kick off Pinkalicious Week for the GIRLStart girls.

1st:  Ms. Mara reads the book. 
2nd:  the girls write advice letters to Pinkalicous
3rd: (tonight!!!) the girls go to see Pinkalicious on stage at The Rose
4th: Tomorrow (!!!) the girls go to Doodle Cakes for a cupcake party. 

Be on the lookout for video clips from Pinkalicious Week.  You know they’re coming…

More drama…

Ms. Ashley was nice.  She was very, very nice.  She made us say pretty please with a cherry on top. – Mina

She taught us how to use our body, voice, and imagination.  It was so fun to be a pigeon, even if she didn’t let us ride the bus! – Tanijah

What will pigeons say to drive the bus?                                                          

What do mad pigeons look like when they can’t drive the bus?

Do the girls know the 3 Tools of Acting? (Hint:  they do!)


Girls Make Good Pigeons

Ms. Ashley, a creative drama insturctor from The Rose, read Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. 
The girls took turns playing pigeons – saying and doing whatever they
thought it would take to get to drive the bus.

“If you let me drive the bus, I’ll buy you a camera!” – Mariah

“If you let me drive the bus, I’ll give you a teddy bear!” Azure (as she shows us the “sad” face of a pigeon that doesn’t get to drive the bus!)