I Believe in Myself

The “I believe in myself” bracelets from Pin Curl Girls come in a packet of 12 bracelets.  The instructions read:  ‘Place all the bracelets on one wrist.  Throughout the day, look for times to say something nice about yourself, then move a bracelet to the other wrist.  Try to move all the bracelets by the end of the day.  The goal is to find ways to cherish yourelf at least 12 times a day.”

Alexis said she could move 2 bracelets for believing that she is “good in school” and “has a nice smile.”  She added, “These bracelets could help girls have bettter self-esteem.  Girls are always comparing themselves to someone else instead of just being themselves.  Low self-esteem makes girls have attitude all of the time.  If you have good self=-esteem you’re just going to be a happier person.  You’ll smile.  Say ‘Hello!'”

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