National Girls and Women in Sports Day

Ebony and Ellionsai, Girls Inc. of Omaha basketball players, think it’s great to be girl athletes and have athletic role models. As athletes, they’ll tell you that good grades, paying attention in school, and staying away from negative behavior is as important as practice. Ellionsai says, “It’s important to know that when I graduate from high school, I have opportunities for sports scholarships too.”

“I’m really excited to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Title IX and looking forward to making the next 40 years even better!” says Girls Inc. of Omaha Program Director Emily Mwaja.

Flag Football: Defensive Triumph

I grabbed a flag and kept the other team from scoring.  I got behind a girl and she kept on going different ways and zig zagging.  I just kept following.  I was worried because the grass was slippery from the rain so it was hard to grab onto that flag.  It was hard but it was fun.  I got right up close and just grabbed it.

Jalaya, age 12