An Outing to the UNO Hockey Game

Northern Natural and the UNO Women’s Soccer Team hosted Girls Inc. to a night at UNO Hockey last Friday.  We had a blast.  The girls were treated to pre-game pizza and pop.  They got to mingle with the soccer players and talk to them.  I love that the soccer players talked about being on the honor roll and being serious students.  The told the girls it was fun to play soccer but they also wanted to keep their grades up.  Northern Natural also gave each girl a winter head band, sort of an ear warmer.  The girls loved them because they think they are all too cool to wear hats. This winter, those head bands will come in very handy! Oh yeah, UNO won. – Ms. Emily

The soccer players asked the girls about themselves, too.  They asked about their likes and dislikes, which sports they liked to play, and where they went to school.  It was a nice opportunity for the girls and the soccer team to share a little bit. – Ms. Fatema