The Luminaria

I felt like I was in a big kaleidescope. – Tanajah

I liked the Luminaria because of the way the colors changed our clothes…it was very fun and inspiring.  The lights were beautiful and mostly bright.  My favorite color was the purple and green one.  It was amazing to sit down and look up and see the pretty colors.  During the walk, I noticed that some were kind of dard and that was cool. – Ashli


We were all amazed at the middle room because it was a mixture of all the colors.  I think the really cool thing was that it was a big balloon and we had to shut the door really fast so all the air doesn’t come out! – Samantha

I felt like I was in the brightest star ever. It shined so bright!  It was one of the prettiest things I’d ever seen…To me it was kind of like a starship. – DaNya


Thanks to Vic Gutman & Associates for providing this cool field trip for the girls.