Teens Visit to York Prison

On July 15, 2010 Girls Inc. teens went to York’s Women prison [Nebraska Correctional Center for Women].  We got to interview two of the inmates to see what it’s like to be in a prison. One inmate was in for 2nd degree murder and one was in for assaulting a security guard.  They would wake up, and then eat breakfast, some would go to work and some would go to school. They would usually room with 2-4 people. You would only have a bunk bed and a toilet.  If women had a baby, the baby could stay in the nursery or they could live with a relative. They could also go to a store at the prison call the canteen. They could buy different things like snacks, clothes, etc.  During their free time they could go to the yard or check out games. They could also go to the gym to lift weights. Overall you really didn’t have any freedom.  York’s women prison is not where you want to go. – Kanesha

The trip to the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women in York was very interesting. At first I was a little nervous visiting a prison solely because of the stereotypes that I’ve heard about them. I guess I kind of expected violent women in jumpsuits fighting and resisting their guards’ orders. I was visioning murderers, rapists, and drug dealers walking around but although that was true, in reality they seemed like normal people. Although we didn’t get to tour the prison, we did get to speak with two prisoners. They told us about themselves like why they where here, how their lives were before, and what they planned on doing when they got out. One lady was about 32 and serving a 25-50 year sentence for 2nd degree murder. The other was only 19 and serving a 3-5 year sentence for assault. They  answered our questions about life in prison and how the average day goes. The most unexpected thing I learned was that they can have their babies live with them in prison if they are pregnant. Also, that they kids up to age 11 can visit overnight with them. Their stories were eye-opening as to how choices you make can impact your life forever. The biggest thing that I learned is that I’m never going back! – Denai