The Subway

Corporate Camp provided me with many firsts, but I think the most memorable first was riding the subway. I thought that it was rather fun and exciting to ride the silver trains that sped past you providing a little relief from the stuffy atmosphere. I enjoyed the thrill of just barely getting in the car before the doors shut on you. I loved the quick jolt of its departure and the same with its rather speedy stop.

The only thing I didn’t like was the feeling of being surrounded by people in a cramped space with little room to even breathe, but even that had a little enjoyment to it.

I wish I had an amazing story of how my bag got snatched or that tons or rats scattered past me, but I don’t. The subway wasn’t anything like what I saw on T.V.

I have always thought of the Subway as a filthy place that you should never be caught alone in. It was actually a fun place where you see all kinds of people. It was a rather positive experience for me and hardly at all a negative one. It was one of the many great things that I experienced and will always remember from the week of Corporate Camp.