Yvonne’s Week at Girls Inc.

My Week at Girls Inc. of Omaha

Hello, my name is Yvonne and I’m a 20-year old university student from Germany. Since I’m studying education and primary education in Chemnitz, Germany, the university required me go abroad for some months. The good thing about this: we have very nice friends living in Papillion, Nebraska, which I visited for this trip abroad. I was staying a month with Joan Clark and her family and she knows Miss Stephanie. A perfect coincidence! Joan contacted Miss Stephanie and arranged things, so that I had my orientation with Miss Sydney in my first week here. I was very excited about working with the girls because I like working with children and support the idea to raise strong, smart, and bold girls!

I spent most days of the week with Miss Sydney and her kindergarten girls, but I also was with first graders, second graders, and higher. It was awesome! All the girls were really cute and very confident.

On my first day at Girls Inc. Omaha, the kindergarten girls worked on a STEM activity by building towers of plastic eggs with play dough. Afterwards, there was a ice cream party with all girls of Girls Inc. Cheerleaders danced and everybody ate ice cream. Since I’ve never seen “real” American cheerleaders before it was pretty exciting for me. On Tuesday, the girls made their own butter. That was also an activity that I’ve never done before. It was really cool because the self-made butter actually tasted really good. The girls were so amazed of making butter! It was awesome to see how happy they were about that (they also wanted to eat more and more butter, although they had snacks, too. Cute, right?)

My third day here was more relaxed. Some of the girls went to a jump house, I stayed at Girls Inc. and we built some easter eggs out of paper and glue. Most of the girls gave their best and did very good, but some didn’t follow instructions and just clowned around with the glue. Kids will be kids, right?

On Thursday was a Field Day for all of the girls. There were different groups with games. All of the girls were so excited, it made me excited, too. At evening, before the girls got picked up by their parents, every grade watched a movie. Even some girls just took naps or played games, I liked this part of the day very much. The were able to relax and I had the chance to watch the best Disney movies. Yay!

Friday was my last day at Girls Inc. and in my eyes the best one in the whole week. We

Panda Party

went skating with the whole center and it was so much fun! All of the girls enjoyed it and had fun. I had a lot of fun, too, and made friends with some of the girls. They were so cute and it seemed like they liked me. When we returned to the Girls Inc. center, there was a huge Panda themed party. Girl, that was awesome!

To put it in the nutshell, I really enjoyed my week at Girls Inc. Omaha and I’m also a bit jealous that girls in Omaha have this opportunity (we do not really have institutions like that in Germany) I really like and support the idea to raise girls to become strong, smart, and bold women! Girls rock!!!!