Everyone Wins When We’re Here for the Girls

When an investor supports Girls Inc., they are buying stock in girls’ potential.
The intrinsic value of that kind of stock can never be overstated. We are grateful for these wise investments.

Not only do our program partners bring expertise to our classrooms, they provide the variety that encourages choice and develops unique passions in art, yoga, STEM, ecology, music, dance, gymnastics, competitive sports, language arts, and more.

Not every program facilitator will know how to identify birds and attract them to the feeders, but Nebraska Game & Parks does. Not every facilitator will know how to cook healthy foods but No More Empty Pots does. And African Culture Connection teaches African drumming, dance, and culture like no one else. The Rose Theater and Opera Omaha provide performing arts expertise. Football for the World coaches soccer. The University of Nebraska brings STEM professors and grad students to our Eureka! program. College of Saint Mary has been partnering with us, providing pre-service teachers for our Operation SMART program, for almost thirty years.