Become a Mentor and Create a Meaningful Connection

Having a trusted adult relationship outside of family is critical to a girl’s future success in life.

Our Pathfinders mentoring program matches a Girls Inc. member with a woman in our community for a one-to-one mentoring experience. Mentors provide support and encouragement for their mentees. They take walks with them. Maybe share a meal. And listen.

If you would like to become a mentor, or learn more about mentoring, contact

Girls Inc. offers orientation for mentors and ongoing trainings with tips and suggestions for making the mentor/mentee relationship rewarding for both the girl and the grownup.

The mentor team at Girls Inc. schedules group activities – meeting at a swimming pool or an art class or a bounce house or an online Zoom party – so women and girls can meet and mingle with other mentor/mentee pairs. Especially when first matched, some mentors find their mentees like a group setting. When available, Girls Inc. also offers free tickets and passes to community outings such as a sporting event or the performance of a play.

Our mentoring program is a member of a larger, “umbrella” organization, MENTOR Nebraska to help ensure that our mentors and girls experience the benefits of a quality mentoring experience that is guided by best practices.


Meet Trenda and Anisea from MENTOR Nebraska.