Believing in the Girls Creates Measurable Results

Every year, our girls take a survey to provide data about their Girls Inc. Experience.

On the national level, we are lucky to work with an organization that believes in measuring impact. We receive an analysis of that data that tells us that, compared to their peers, Girls Inc. girls are significantly more likely to…

  1. Perform better on standardized math tests
  2. Be more engaged in school
  3. Exhibit postsecondary readiness and confidence
  4. Think math is fun
  5. Believe in their ability to do challenging math
  6. Believe in their ability to do challenging reading
  7. Think science is fun
  8. Believe in their ability to do challenging science
  9. Get excited about science
  10. Are curious about science
  11. Enjoy games that teach science concepts
  12. Like to see how things are made
  13. Want to know more about science, computers, or technology
  14. Want to have a computer or science job
  15. Exercise daily
  16. Play on sports teams
  17. Exhibit strong leadership skills and see themselves as leaders
  18. Believe in their ability to contribute in their community
  19. Stand up for fairness and their own beliefs
  20. Rely on positive relationships with adults


If you want to read the Girls Inc. national research or learn more about the measurable impact of the Girls Inc. Experience, visit Girls Inc. national’s Measuring Our Impact.