Raise Critical Funds Through girlFRIENDS Guild


Many non-profits have a volunteer “Friends of” organization and so do we: girlFRIENDS!

They support us through fund-raising, friend-raising, and advocacy. Sign up here to become a member of girlFRIENDS. You can also visit their Facebook page to learn more about the great work they do for our girls or email your questions to girlFRIENDS.




girlFRIENDS host a volunteer committee of amazing women (men, you’re welcome to join us, too…) who produce a major fundraiser, Girls Nite Out, every year. Additionally, because every dollar matters, they participate in smaller fund-raising activities throughout the year.


girlFRIENDS assist with recruiting volunteers for Girls Inc. and mentors for girls. They also host two for-the-girls events, one in fall and one in spring because…parties!


girlFRIENDS help us let the community know about the good work Girls Inc. is doing. They keep us front of mind for community partnerships with their schools, churches, synagogues, mosques, businesses, and organizations. They share social media postings. They participate in social justice activities and speak up for pro-girl policies and legislation. They stay abreast on how they can help Girls Inc. with formal advocacy activities.